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About Gautam

Gautam has been utilizing his intuitive skills since his late teens - in the form of guidance & clarity with family and friends. In his 20's he found himself drawn to Astrology, Astronomy, Greek and Vedic  mythology and Egyptian history. He self-studied and took courses in University, to gain a deeper understanding on energy systems and the inter-relationship between man and the Cosmos. Moreover, he continually harnesses the gifts of his INFJ -  MBTI Personality, (the "perceiver") and gleans insights from symbols, colors, patterns, synchronicities, astrological placements for the greatest good of one's human journey & soul growth. He is at home - working within the consciousness space - championing marketing strategy and editorial for the leading University in the nation for Human Transformation, Social Justice & Psychology - California Institute of Integral Studies & American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Prior to CIIS, Gautam skillfully established an emotional bond between customers and products via curated content strategies at Google fiber,, Nestle Food Services, AQUIS  hair towels, & Clorox.  He’s grateful for beginning his career in advertising and loved working for world renown agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Hal Riney, DDB & Ogilvy Worldwide.

He's been studying Advaita Vedanta, practising Yoga & meditation and has been trained in iRest Yoga Nidra level 1, and taken the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Jon Kabat Zinn program with the Osher center at UCSF.  He is currently enrolled in the first BIPOC, Hatha Teacher Training with the Integral Yoga Institute and the 1st year of the Wellness Ambassador Program at The Ancient Way.  He has taken seminars & workshops on Western psychology that cover Emotion regulation, Enneagram, Soul Quest & Purpose Discovery, Shadow Integration, Archetypal Psychology, Trauma healing, the Chakra system and Intuitive medicine.  His spiritual and psychological studies and practise began 15 years ago in 2006.  

After his mother's death, she came to him in his dream -  with a Rose Quartz heart, he had given her as a gift.  That very heart, helped him alleviate his grief, and opened up a new channel, and the deepening of his gift. His gift is his sense of knowing or "claircognizance", along with "clairsentience", the felt experience.  His warm aura, depth of wisdom and perception and "gems of clarity" that he gleans - allow him to be of service to others, especially during this transitional time post Covid time - which he knows is pivotal, and a time that he describes that most will want more meaning and will be looking to find meaning as well as redefine their relationships, with themselves first and with others and the world.  

Crystals have helped him - work through his grief, rebuild his life, optimize his health, and support him through his own individuation (trauma healing) journey and purpose uncovering (which is multi-layered).  

Over time, he has researched crystals, read books by Nicholas Pearson and taken online classes with Kyle Gray, and is in process of being certified as a Crystal Therapist.  "I'm just enjoying my life journey allowing my soul to lead the way forward.  I can say, that the unknown, feels like a delight to me these days - I feel free and light." 

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"Different, and revelatory. Provided me with great advice, and courage to take the need step."



"He couldn't have been more in synch, and such an insightful and delightful reading."