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Dr. Hall offers customized Holistic Wellness Counseling, Heart-Centered Wellness Sessions, Holistic Academic Sessions and individual as well as group Nonviolent Activist Sessions online. 

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About Mitch

Mitch Hall (PhD) is a Holistic Wellness Educator who draws upon his decades of experience with yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, contemporary somatic modalities, and meditation to create a thorough and authentic experience that best suits the needs of his clients. He offers many therapeutic services that draw out the answers you need from within. Mitch has embedded spirituality into his own life from a young age. Through many years of experience, education, and advocacy, Mitch has become a profound member of the holistic medicine community. With his guidance, you can hold the key to your own happiness.

What People Are Saying


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"I am very fortunate to get to know Mitch Hall through our work at a community based mental health agency. I have tremendous respect and admiration towards Mitch as a therapist and as an individual. He devotes his life tirelessly to promote peace and well-being through various arenas. Many others and I have benefited greatly from his wisdom, therapy skills, and genuine compassion. His style is gentle and insightful. He is able to attune to people coming from diverse backgrounds and across lifespans, including children, youths, adults, and the elderly. I highly recommend Mitch as your individual, couple, or family therapist."



"An opportunity to dialogue with Mitch Hall, Ph.D., regarding health, wellness, and self-care is always a great gift. Mitch’s compassion, humor, and extraordinary erudition inform all of his work and benefit all who know him. I heartily recommend Mitch’s counseling and teaching for anyone who is looking for a wise guide to health and wellbeing.”


Counseling Client

“Today on this beautiful summer day, I would like to send some words of appreciation your way. Your gentle, healing spirit brought me a sense of ease. Your support and kindness always left me in peace. I am thankful, for you have been an angel in my life. Thanks to your kind words, I have found a passion, a new drive. On this journey of mine, I am grateful you showed up with your knowledge and brightly shining light.I have been basking in an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation thanks to all the work you have done with me. Thanks to your amazing work, I am learning to find it within myself. You are an amazing healer. Thank you for all your help. I will never be able to express enough gratitude for all your greatness. Even though I know there is still sadness, anger, and fear, I can choose to love, and it is beautiful. It would never have been possible before. So again thank you for your amazing healing energy. Thanks to your work, I am able to ride the bus of all those uncomfortable feelings. I know that it is healing because it is lasting.”


Marriage and Family Therapist

"I have known Mitch Hall for several years, both as a colleague and dear and trusted friend. Mitch is a brilliant man with a big heart and a generous spirit. He is very skilled in using his profound knowledge and experience to help people heal, which I have personally witnessed in his work with adolescents who have experienced significant trauma due to community violence and the problems that often accompany impoverishment.


Always demonstrating compassion, for people, the greater society, and our world as a whole, Mitch brings an approach that is holistic, incredibly thoughtful, and woven with in-depth understanding of current research in trauma and alternative health.


His commitment to health and healing is truly remarkable, and those who have the opportunity to meet and know him benefit in grand ways!"


Licensed Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist

"Dr. Mitchell Hall is a most courageous, wise, empathic, and humble professional. I had the honor of receiving his tutelage and supervision during the early phase of my yoga therapy private practice, and I can wholeheartedly state that his presence in my life helped me to establish a very solid foundation of evidence-based interventions and confidence in my skills that continues to inform my work to this day. 


During our weekly meetings, I would meet with Dr. Hall who sat in front of a wall full of books on yoga, yoga therapy, and many other forms of holistic health. While I would be introducing a client, Dr. Hall would provide such compassionate and focused attention on the presentation. 


Dr. Hall would offer very thought-provoking inquiries and encourage me to tap into my own knowledge base so that I could return to my work with an increase in self-awareness and self-confidence. Further, Dr. Hall would then provide me with additional wisdom that would include research on the issue at hand as well as specific yoga therapy techniques that could be applied. Week after week, I experienced his ability to accurately access information from the texts that lined the wall behind him without ever needing to pull them from the shelves. I also respect him for his advocacy work in the field of social justice and commitment to providing services for the underserved.  

In separate settings, I have experienced his sacred gifts as a yoga teacher which range from succinctly sharing yogic philosophy, handling a wide range of abilities in a class and a singing/chanting voice that can help to ease even the most stressed student into a relaxed state of nirvana. I have also had the pleasure of learning from his workshop presentations on yoga therapy, trauma, and the immune system. My yoga practice has evolved, my private practice has expanded, and my life has forever changed thanks to the leadership and mentorship that Dr. Mitch Hall has provided me." 


Counseling Client

“I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for us these past months - you have really taken us into your heart and taken such good care of us and helped us to learn again how to do that for each other. We are really indebted to you.”


Marriage and Family Therapist

“Oh, Mitch! I can’t say enough about his class. My favorite part is absolutely the chanting, singing, and drumming during savasana. It’s very magical and divine. His voice carries throughout the whole room and I feel like it holds everyone in a supportive embrace. I’ve never had an experience like that in yoga. I love how he says, “It’s all good” when we are moving into poses. You just know you can approach your practice however you are able to. That allows me to let go of perfection and be more mindful of what I am experiencing in the moment. The lesson he gives us of self-acceptance is so important. It reminds you to accept yourself wherever you are, find whatever you need in that moment and let go of the urge to compare yourself to whoever’s next to you on the mat. It’s really beautiful. There’s something special about Mitch’s class. When everyone comes together it feels like a very sacred space. I can’t even put it into words.”