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Erica Donaldson-Ellison

Erica Donaldson-Ellison has almost 40 years of experience in nursing care management and quality assurance, particularly in crisis care settings. She worked and studied with agency directors and teams of professionals to seek to improve coordinated services in health and social care services throughout England and Northern Ireland. She instigated yoga and personal and group team exercise sessions and pastimes across care homes that reflected her elder sisters' Ayurvedic lifestyle in health, beauty, art, crafts and wellness, as well as those from her personal belief and studies in the power of Yoga, as she practiced during her two pregnancies and successful home care deliveries. Having cared for families and individuals from birth to the end of life, she feels privileged to have shared so very many moments in times of sickness, love, honor and support, when spirituality and community were at the forefront of life experiences. Erica was a leader in the use of pet therapy and the rearing of chickens from eggs in the care setting. She conducted pastimes in meaningful activities as well as utilized virtual reality for her clients who had disabilities.


She hopes that, most of all, her life shows that she has followed in her Mama's footsteps and those of her maternal lineage, using wisdom and 'know how' passed on throughout generations. Her Mama worked late into her 70s as a caretaker. She had been interested in health from a young age, and Erica was the most eager of her 4 daughters to follow and accompany her on twice weekly shopping trips to the local market and to the health foods store. She met many colorful characters on these trips and learned so many valuable lessons from the discussions she overheard with her friends and market sellers about health, good food and happiness. The camaraderie was overwhelming and nourishing to her developing character, knowledge and those principles that she continues to hold dear in wellness and spirituality.

Erica's inspiration to be personally dedicated to wellness and spirituality is from the experiences of her childhood. She has many stories to tell. Currently, Erica is proud that her own family practices yoga and thrives on plant-based diets, which they continue to grow organically. Watching her son, whilst captain of an American football team, take 50 plus men through yoga exercises at a match break was astounding and inspiring. She is honored to support her daughter's helpline support for young girls and women by women, called Of Hipollyuk. She contributed to the information video anthology from poets of Africa and beyond - of 'the perils of covid-19' by Toleranita. Erica will always be an ardent student of Ayurveda. She is particularly inspired by increasing her self-knowledge, awareness and meditative development, which helps her in her understanding of humanity. She is honored to express her sentiments and passion in verse. Her verses are published on her LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and her blog, Just Saying.

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