Maria Blum

Maria Blum was born in Honduras, a culture rich with traditional healing practices. She was born into a long maternal lineage of plant medicine women who hold plants in great respect and devotion for their spiritual, ancestral and medicinal energy.  Her great great grandmother and her great grandmother were both holders of sacred plant medicine. Maria’s grandmother, Tite, studied Ayurveda and Curanderismo in the 1930s with one of the most well known Curanderos in Central America. He had traveled to India in the early 1900s to study Ayurveda and spirituality and when he returned to Honduras he brought back the wisdom of India’s healing and spiritual practices and combined it with his own Curanderismo.  Maria’s grandmother in turn shared his teachings, along with her generations long ancestral healing practices and spirituality, with her daughter and granddaughter. The cycle continues. Maria’s lineage passed on to her that it is in the caring of one’s Spirit and the living within the rhythms of nature that inform and create the health of the mind and physical body.  She is an educator, a writer and a spiritual mind and body counselor specializing in the transitions of life.


As a student at UCLA Maria had the great privilege to study death with the renowned Thanatologist, Edwin Schneidman. She continued her death studies with teachers Ram Dass, Frank Ostaseski, Joan Halifax and learned from her own lived experiences. She began her studies in Tai Kyo, the ancient art of Birth and Prenatal Education, while living in Japan. Her practices include pre and perinatal psychology and health, sacred birth and death rituals and care of the divine Spirit within us. She has served as a birth and death counselor, educator and doula for over three decades.


Maria began practicing traditional medicine while living in Japan where she counseled the many expats who lived there. She has trained in a wide breadth of complementary medicine practices including Spiritual and Ancestral plant medicine, Curanderismo, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Vedic Psychology and Reiki. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher and a Pre and Postnatal yoga and meditation teacher. 


She trained in the healing and harmonious building principles of Baubiologie and Vaastu Shastra and has designed the interiors for elementary and high schools, businesses and residences. She is currently working on the design for a sacred retreat center.


Maria is the mother of four home birthed children. She home educated her children for twelve years using the concepts of child led, passion based education.  She is an experienced crisis counselor and for the last 30 years she has drawn upon her diverse healing modalities to train medical doctors in the art of holistic healing.