Our Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values follow in the footsteps of our ancient lineage ancestors, who dedicated their entire lives to disseminating sacred knowledge on how to live well.

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Vision: make ancient wisdom (which we consider Ayurveda and Yoga the mother traditions for) an accessible way of life in the modern world. 

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Mission: Health and Spiritual Freedom for All

Ignite and spread a community wellness movement anchored in Ayurveda and Yoga and drawing from all ancient wisdom traditions. Empower wellness ambassadors of spirituality and health, from the inside-out.

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Values: CommunityPracticeService 


Community: The whole world as a single family. We believe there is incredible power in people gathering around the sole purpose and intention of cultivating Spirituality and Health. There is so much we can gain from the wisdom of the collective. We value the role modern technology plays in bringing together a spiritual family of seekers around the world.  


Practice: After gathering together in pursuit of listening and sharing knowledge, each of us is called upon to put the teachings into practice, to make them our own with the power that consistency provides.  Balance is what we seek to attain from practice: a beautiful balance between giving and receiving, teaching (by example) and learning, silence and conscious speech, divine feminine and masculine energies and ancient and modern.  

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Service: Once we have integrated what we have received, it is time to give back in gratitude for all that we have received. We give back to our ancestors for the invaluable gift of our human birth. We constantly receive from nature and it is important to give back to nature however best we can. We receive all the innovations of humanity and must give back to humanity, to our teachers, and to the divinity that exists everywhere and within each one of us.