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Nachi Chopra

Nachi Chopra is a graduate of The Ancient Way's Wellness Ambassador Program, and now volunteers as an Assistant Teacher for the Circle of Life Community Program. He holds a Master's degree in Information Systems Management from a top tier school in the US. After graduating from college, he worked for two top investment banking firms, leading multi-million dollar digital transformational programs for almost 15 years. He currently works as a Customer Success & Delivery Excellence Leader for a Big-Tech Cloud Services firm and helps evangelize Cloud technologies to enable some of the biggest strategic customers realize their digital transformation vision. He is a lifelong learner, incorrigible optimist and an eternal spiritual seeker of Truth and Sattva. He is super excited to embark on the Spiritual Warrior Certification program and expand his arsenal of tools to help him connect to his higher Self and embody ancient spiritual wisdom along with developing divine virtues. He feels inspired to lead Power of Practice Circles, as this is a perfect platform not only to reinforce the learnings he most resonates with, but also to share these transformational spiritual practices with fellow seekers and help them further their wellness journeys.

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