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Nirav Banker

Nirav Banker, M.Sc. (Chem), MBA, FCIM, FTSC, born in India and currently based in London, heads our Business Development team.  Nirav is a jet-setter and has lived in India, Turkey, UAE, Belgium and UK.  He has held senior leadership positions for 25 years in Sales, Marketing, Brand & Product Management, Business Development and Sourcing for leading US, UK, Japanese and Belgian Chemical companies.  Nirav currently runs his own consulting firm in Europe focusing on Business Development of HSE/Chemicals Regulatory Compliance tools and systems, Digital and eCommerce Platforms amongst others.

Nirav was drawn to wellness through the world of sports. While playing tennis in India, senior year of highschool, his coach introduced him to meditation. He says this transformed him to become, “the cool Swede,” of tennis. As life progressed with stress, work, and a huge loss in his family business, he was led to discover the wealth and benefits of Yoga and running. When Ananta came into his life he became drawn to wellness through Ayurveda. Nirav believes in the healing power of nature and has sublime faith in the divine.


The beauty and boundless gifts of Mother Nature coupled with his deep rooted passion for colors, positivity, and travel have all become part of his persona. Nirav says he, “believes wellness and spirituality are not a need but a way of life.” 

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