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Welcome Back Home, to The Ancient Way

In Sanskrit, there is a beautiful poetic verse that reveals how:

"That is Whole. This is Whole. From Wholeness, emerges Wholeness. Wholeness coming from Wholeness. Wholeness still remains."

At the Ancient WAY (an acronym standing for Whole Ayurveda and Yoga), we believe that we are all whole and complete and that we have everything we need to heal ourselves from the inside-out. That is because divinity lives within us all, as our potential.

The goal of the spiritual sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda and their underlying spiritual philosophy of Vedanta (which answers the question Who am I?) is to help us unfold our own highest Self.


YOGA is so much more than the physical poses you do on your mat. Yoga is an entire spiritual lifestyle that can lead to a union, or merging with your higher, divine Self. Yoga is a spiritual practice that leads to enlightenment, a term known as "moksha" in Hinduism, "nirvana" in Buddhism and "salvation" in Catholicism.

AYURVEDA is the ancient science of life, the world's most ancient system of health and healing, from India. It is the sister science of Yoga that teaches you how to care for your physical body to create an inner environment conducive to reaching a state of enlightenment. 


Your Body is Your Temple


At the Ancient Way, we believe that the body is a sacred temple for the soul. It must be treated with love and care. That is why all of our offerings are thoughtfully curated. Anchored in Ayurveda and Yoga, and drawing from all the world’s great wisdom traditions (because the Truth is one; paths are many), our organization is like a beautiful healing garden that helps you care for your body and mind as a way to uncover your indwelling spiritual nature. 


In the ancient Vedic spiritual tradition, there are four goals outlined for human life:

1) Live by a noble set of values

2) Achieve material prosperity 

3) Experience pleasure

4) Achieve spiritual liberation


Our entire lifestyle is aimed towards helping us achieve each of these goals. Immunity is also something we view as a whole lifestyle that comprises of our foods, daily routine choices, behaviors towards ourselves and others as well as all-natural herbs and spices that build health and immunity from the inside-out. 


Just as a circle is round, with no beginning and no end, we believe that all of life is cyclical. We approach death as a sacred transition of the soul, and honor death in all the ways we experience it: the loss of the bodies of our loved ones, whenever we experience betrayal or lose or change jobs, residences, health, or relationship statuses. These are all death-like experiences. We know that birth awaits on the other end of death and that times of great change and loss can be potent times of personal transformation.

The cycles of birth, death, and rebirth are like a never-ending dance. We believe that we have everything we need inside us to navigate the storms of change and re-emerge with even more strength, resolve, and compassion towards all beings. 
Image by Parul Gupta

About Our Logo

A lotus flower grows amidst the mud and darkness of life. Regardless of the difficult circumstances it emerges from, the lotus blossoms by reaching towards the light of the sun.


The sun is a symbol of health, wealth, courage, creativity, knowledge, freedom and spiritual power in the Vedic spiritual tradition.


The knowledge of spirituality and health that all ancient wisdom traditions embody is like the beautiful lotus, which empowers us to blossom amidst difficulties in our own lives, and to give birth to the best version of ourselves. This logo also embodies the tree as a potent symbol of stability, being grounded in tradition and able to support and give shade to whomever takes refuge under it. 

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About Our Organization


The mission of our ancient lineage ancestors was health and spiritual freedom for all. We continue this sacred mission today via The Ancient Way, as a global platform that serves as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern living. We host online and in-person programs to help you cultivate the light of your own soul in a beautiful global garden with a community of people aspiring to do the same. 


We break down the timeless principles of the world’s ancient wisdom traditions in a way that supports modern seekers stuck between socialite and Shavasana. We combine real talk and digestible teachings about topics relevant to all aspects of modern life: 


  • Food and cooking

  • Managing emotions, relationships and sexuality

  • Succeeding in your work

  • Finding and living your purpose

  • Mindfulness, movement and meditation


All of our programs are designed to support you in planting beautiful seeds of new practices that you can integrate in your own life, to grow your own gorgeous garden of wellbeing, from the inside-out. 


We are so honored and thrilled to extend our hands out to you to join our community wellness movement and be part of a sacred, never-ending circular dance of life. May you light a bright lamp of hope in your heart that will ignite your spiritual awareness and resolve so that you can ultimately realize your divine potential and activate from within yourself your own radiant soul power.

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