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An offering of heartfelt poetry...

In the dullness of daylight

when, the heavy cloak of life

like the clouds, overwhelms the sun.

When, life seems grey and uninspiring

And even, the hint of your dreams materializing

seems too difficult to bear, then

Watch your clouds

Dare them to: stand still

Milky merges that, appeared motionless will

actually before your eyes

drift away.

And, you will see that

Your time, has come

sadness is blinded

Stunned away. Defeated by

Your sunshine through the clouds, only

Hold on...




ERICA DONALDSON-ELLISON has 40 years of experience in nursing crisis care management and quality assurance. Having cared for families and individuals from birth to the end of life, she feels privileged to have shared so many moments in times of sickness, love, honor and support, when spirituality and community were at the forefront of life experiences. Her verses are published on her LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and her blog, Just Saying.

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