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I was blessed to cross paths with Ananta when our mutual publishing company (for our first books) sent me a copy of her book, The Ayurveda Way. I loved her book and there was something about the vibration of it that made me explore on the internet to see who the "being behind the book" was.

I reached out to Ananta and we had a clear soul connection and I asked her if she would consider bringing an Ayurveda program to my yoga center, now that everything was being held online. The short story is that everything fell into place in the way that it does when we give ourselves to the Divine stream of life.

I had studied and practiced Ayurveda on and off since 2002 but I had never taken an official start to finish course. So while I was very busy at the time, I knew that this was the time to not only host this year-long course but dive into it for myself.

There is so much I loved about this program and the way that it tied together many threads that I had been practicing and gave each one a new depth and philosophical understanding.

I loved that Ananta didn't water down the profound spiritual teachings of the Veda, like I see happening in some of the Ayurveda and Yoga communities in the West. And that very importantly, she stayed "true to text" - making sure to bring teachings back to the source from where they emerged. She is brilliant in her ability to retain a lot of detail and information and then present it clearly through slides and sweetness of voice and articulation of speech. Being an energetically sensitive person, the sound and vibration that brings forth the teachings/lessons of a person, are very important to me and can make it possible or not possible for me to take a course from someone.

Ananta has a pure devotional heart and is a true spiritual aspirant, genuinely living what she teaches, which is another really important thing for me in choosing a teacher.

It was an honor to be a part of year one of this program and to learn alongside a truly beautiful and wise community of people from all over. I look forward to continuing my studies with Ananta, diving deeper and going back over my notes and the assigned reading so that I can continue connecting the dots within myself. As Ananta has compassionately reminded me and others - this is a lifelong study and practice, and for that I am deeply grateful because there really is so much wisdom to learn!

I highly recommend this program for everyone and anyone who wants to truly learn and embody the authentic teachings of Ayurveda, make loving changes in lifestyle, habits, food & nutrition and radical self-care for all five senses and layers of Self.



CORINNE ANDREWS, she/her, is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s 2021 Wellness Ambassador Program.She is ERYT-500, RPYT, and the developer and lead teacher of the Birthing Mama 90-hour Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training, and author of the book “Birthing Mama: Your Companion for a Holistic Pregnancy Journey.” She is the co-owner/director of Shraddha Yoga in Massachusetts and leads the Embodyoga® 100-hour In-Depth Study and 200-hour Teacher Training, and teaches weekly online and local yoga classes.

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