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In the last year, I’ve changed so much that I don’t even know who I was a year ago.

My personal experience of growth, transformation, and empowerment from the Wellness Ambassador Program is profound and permanent. It’s changed the foundation of who I am.

Prior to this program, if someone were to ask who I was as a person, I would have defined myself by my family, my career or by my daily struggles in life, as most of us do in this world today. Most of us take pride in our responsibilities. It’s how people know us and define our character. For example, some might say, “She’s a great researcher,” “She’s a great planner,” “She’s a great mother,” and all of those things may be true, but essentially that’s not who I am.

I now define myself by my JOY.

The Ayurveda Ambassador Program gave me the tools to slow down, appreciate life find my purpose, and it has given me the ability to bestow these gifts onto others.

I repeat, it’s changed the foundation of who I am.

I have learned so much about the beauty of life and living with intention.

Self-care now has a purpose. The ways I nourish my body now have a purpose.

I care for my family and my garden with a deeper intention and purpose.

These things are vital for my legacy, especially as a mother raising people that will be out in the world soon. I want them to have a life of intention and purpose, and above all, know how to self-care so that they can care for others.

My experience with Ananta as my spiritual teacher has been life-changing. Ananta’s approach to teaching is universal for all walks of life: any age and any level of background in Ayurveda, as well as those who may have a busier schedule. Ananta’s program allows for catered guidance and support.

For example, I am a very busy person. I have a very large family that I care for, as well as having my own business and outside projects. I also joined the program with very little knowledge about Ayurveda, except for the fact that I had a yearning desire to make better choices that served my body, mind, and soul. I knew I needed something deeper than yoga and meditation. I was searching for a whole-body health and self-care solution that would bring me to my higher Self.

I knew Ananta would know how to get me there.

I was introduced to Ananta’s practices in 2019 when she hosted 30-minute sessions about individualized Ayurvedic practices. I remember one session was dedicated to roses and their benefits. I, myself, am an avid rose gardener. I thought if Ananta could find the beauty and benefits of roses, imagine what she could do for ME!

A year later, here I am.

I’ve found every joy in my day: from waking, to honoring the sun; taking pride in my meals, my breath, and my self-care practices. Without Ananta, I would have never found joy or peace.

I recommend studying with Ananta and her team of teachers, because everyone deserves to find their joy in life. Living with deeper intentions and compassion for oneself is the greatest gift that someone could give to themselves.



BECKY ALBY is a mother of 5 children, a gardener and business owner. She is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s 2021 Wellness Ambassador Program and an Assistant Teacher in the 2022 Wellness Ambassador Program.

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