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The Ayurvedic Wellness Ambassador Program offered by Ananta Ripa Ajmera

has been truly life-changing. Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom tradition that dates back 3,000+ years. The science of Ayurveda has been founded on the scientific method of theory and practice as applied to the existence of being a human in this world.

My experience of journeying into the world of Ayurveda has been a personal revelation for my spirit. I have had my eyes opened to an entire catalog of beautiful spices, herbs, and cooking techniques that have helped me consciously choose the best foods to put into my body based on my body type and the season of the year. I have learned practices that impact my daily living such as showering before I eat to increase my digestive capacity and oiling my skin before showering as a way of nourishing my overall health.

By incorporating so many Ayurvedic practices, I can visually see the transformation in my skin, my joints, my nerves, and in my mind. Arogyam means to radiate health and well-being from within, something I just naturally feel as a result of incorporating Ayurveda into my life.

Ananta, the Ayurvedic guru of The Ancient Way, is the program teacher. Ananta can

be described as truly embodying her work. She naturally radiates a caring, wise, and loving aura. She clearly has a deep mastery of Ayurveda and from the moment you begin taking her classes you will be receiving knowledge. The understanding and scholarly communication of Ananta is matched by her compassion and humility. You can

tell Ananta sincerely cares about her students and their ability to process and effectively practice what she teaches.

I would recommend studying with Ananta and her teachers because the topics

being taught are life-changing, from the inside out. There is a nearly tangible aura of

love and acceptance shared amongst her and her fellow contemporaries as well as with

the students in her classes.

Despite the large and vast ocean of Ayurvedic knowledge that can appear daunting at first, the classes are structured very clearly, the communication about what is expected is exact, and the immersion into each topic is easily digestible to the human intellect. There are also plenty of ways to communicate and learn from other students outside of the classroom as well as beautiful immersive weekends in which the practices of Ayurveda can be lived and experienced.

The entire world can benefit tremendously from the understanding of Ayurveda as it relates to the human experience. The overall health and vitality the individual gains by learning

Ayurveda impacts the health and vitality of the global community. Ananta and her fellow

teachers embody what they teach and the student is truly at the benefit of this all-inclusive environment.



NATHAN MEDLOCK is a yoga teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador and lifelong student. He is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s 2021 Wellness Ambassador Program and an Assistant Teacher in the 2022 Wellness Ambassador Program.

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