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I was fortunate to have first met Ananta virtually just when the pandemic started in early 2020, which catalyzed the inception of a profound inner journey during this time of aloneness. Her recommendations laid a strong foundation for me to start a journey of embodying wellness at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Over the next few months, I had several spiritual coaching sessions where she gave me some wonderful tools and practices to make improvements in those specific life areas. I diligently followed her suggestions and started seeing improvement in my overall physical, emotional and mental health.

As an example, I had some traumatic experiences dealing with some toxic people with negative intentions and harmful behavior. Any such interactions instilled a lot of fear which permeated through my mind, body and spirit, and manifested in the form of physical symptoms.

With Ananta’s guidance and teachings, I was able to recognize those patterns and learned to operate from a higher space instead of engaging at low frequencies, I learned to forgive and send healing vibes and blessings instead of reacting, I learned to anchor myself in service to the higher truth and on spiritually evolving myself instead of wasting my time on trivial interactions and I learned that even toxic people can be our best teachers, as they teach us to overcome darkness and connect with the divine light within.

Since studying with Ananta, that intensity of fear has significantly reduced and I am in awe at how it has led to a significant reduction in my symptoms as well. I feel very grateful to Ananta for being my spiritual guide and teaching me to not only be true to myself but also to be a spiritual warrior.

Not only did Ananta's empowering approach to teaching strengthen me personally, but being part of her program also connected me with a beautiful family of light she created, which has become my soul tribe. Most of us are not connected by blood but we are by our souls, by our positive vibrations and our desire to seek light and the highest truth within ourselves.

As a result of my studies and this community, I feel the most content I have ever felt.



NACHI CHOPRA is a business transformation and delivery excellence leader, customer success champion and emotional intelligence enthusiast. He is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s 2021 Wellness Ambassador Program and an Assistant Teacher in the 2022 Wellness Ambassador Program.

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