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The journey of the Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador Program has been a tremendous and life-changing experience for me. Through my own healing journey, I discovered that these ancient modalities including Ayurveda and yoga have a profound, systematic, and natural way of curing or preventing any diseases which the modern system doesn’t have. This way of living not only helped me to come out of my physical ailments but also inspired me to motivate others to thrive with Ayurveda.

During this program, I got my interest in learning and cooking Ayurvedic food dishes designed as per different seasons and your body constitution type (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Despite lacking enough experience in cooking I developed a relationship with this activity and found myself more often in the kitchen than I used to be earlier.

I came to understand my physical body constitution and started incorporating things that suit my body. This practice requires a lot of awareness and it grows only with time and self-care. Following basic rituals like ‘dincharya’ (daily Ayurvedic routines) and ‘ritucharya’ (seasonal Ayurvedic routines) were part of my life before joining this program, but this training gave me a fresh perspective and regularity in my practices.

I practice the art of letting go with one of the five elements i.e. water which was taught in this program and it has helped me release the negative emotions and thoughts that were constantly holding me back. I regained my strength mentally and physically which helped me to do my daily activities in an organized and beautiful manner.

I also gained deeper insights into the basics of Ayurveda like the five elements of nature, body constitution types, seasonal and mindful way of eating, rituals, and routines, different gods/goddesses, emotional and mental connection, sharing and giving, letting go and embracing, self-care and self-love.

Ananta is a wonderful person and a great spiritual teacher along with being empowered with the ancient holistic and healing system including Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Scriptures, and many more. She carries the sword of knowledge with utmost grace to help, assist and motivate ignorant souls to find their inner self, heal their physical bodies and correct their mental and emotional state of mind. I firmly believe that it was my universal calling on this path that we were destined to meet and connect on this holistic path of a spiritual journey of inner transformation comprising of Ayurveda wellness and other ancient healing modalities.

I had a wonderful time connecting with Ananta right from the birth of this program, being a part of it along with an incredible community of students from all over the world. She is an exceptional mentor who can guide you on your spiritual path no matter wherever you are. Her teachings and talks have inspired me to walk on this path with confidence and self-belief becoming a true version of myself.

With my keen desire to learn and validate myself with proper and authentic training, I choose this program to support my professional goals in serving the wellness community. I highly recommend this program if you want a structured, engaging, and well-designed course with excellent tools and methodology to widen your knowledge and understanding of the Ayurveda way of living.

Ananta’s team of teachers come from various backgrounds and walks of life having world-renowned professional experience in the fields of aromatherapy, energy and crystal healing, yoga, ancient martial arts, and many more. They bring their expertise and share the resources within the community to help, support, and guide the community on their wellness journey.



ESHITA DAYANI has a modern yet traditional touch to her teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga inspiring people to heal and connect with their own self. She is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s 2021 Wellness Ambassador Program and an Assistant Teacher in the 2022 Wellness Ambassador Program.

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