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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As I begin my journey into the world of Ayurveda, I am met with excitement and curiosity, growing each day to learn truths I never knew possible. While I have long been an enthusiast of alternative practices in order to reach a healthful balance; as I learn more about Ayurveda I realize I have embarked on a path of both liberation and exploration. Moving forward, throughout my internship and for the rest of my life, I expect to diversify and expand my knowledge. 

This week, I began experimenting with new foods. I learned a lot about the benefits of figs and dates and how they support the body and mind; internally and externally. Having the opportunity to do this internship has given me the tools to take what is known and applying it to how I feel. This concept of knowing and feeling is one I so often speak about with others. 

To know something and to fully feel the effects of it are two very different things. Fostering this relationship with myself has allowed me to apply what I’ve always known to be true and resonate with the truths behind it. I have been making a point of turning to figs and dates when I find myself craving sweets as opposed to going straight for the Halloween candy. At some point, I intend to better understand my cravings for sweets as well.

I already find myself feeling revitalized and able to reclaim my body and channel my intuition into my soul. I feel I have become noticeably more positive and am able to more easily eradicate feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. As we all are, the unknown of this pandemic has led many down stressful paths. I feel my unease lightening and am already excited to be able to eventually share even my small triumphs with others that also may look to soothe their angst through natural pathways.

This internal beautification that I have dreamt of, and consequently have begun reaping its benefits, has translated to my skin as well. I feel my confidence growing as I wake each morning not only feeling well rested, but looking vibrant and healthier as well. The dark circles and puffiness below my eyes since middle school are beginning to fade. 

I know that I still have a long way to go as I battle with some bad habits that have become deeply ingrained in my routines. Having already met small feats and realizations, I am further fortified and invigorated to create new, healthier practices. I am deeply enthusiastic as I look ahead to the mental and physical health I envision, as this past week has given me a glimpse into what could be with just the simple and first of many solutions. I took what I know and I have allowed myself to feel it, ever so slightly. I have turned what I know to be true and have felt the way food can change one’s life so simply if you live by it. I am eager to feel the full effects, to learn more each week and fill myself with the secrets of the universe. 

It is bone-chilling to see what I am made of; I am made of magic. This first week already made the future feel clear. The Ayurvedic community opened its arms to me as I join the next generation of spiritual healers and find guidance for myself so that one day I can do for others as this internship is doing for me. I am beyond grateful for all the different enlightenment I foresee and hope to be able to welcome others as I have been received. 



Sarah Hale is currently a student at UCF, majoring in Interdisciplinary studies with focuses in health sciences and psychology. As an ambitious and passionate student, she is seeking to gain experience and familiarity with holistic health and a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between nutrition and mental health. Sarah has current knowledge of herbal apothecary, yoga, nutrition, and writing. She hopes to bring Ayurveda to college campuses and make whole body wellness something implemented by young adults before they enter the workforce. 

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