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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

As a person who has struggled with personal wellness, I needed to make a change. I am a father and have become a yoga instructor as well as an Ayurvedic Wellness Ambassador in training. Through studying yoga locally with the Yoga Center Amherst and Ayurveda through The Ancient Way with Ananta Ripa Ajmera, I have been inspired to write spiritual poetry based on the energetic, spiritual, and ethereal lessons I am experiencing.

The following piece of writing was inspired after a wellness retreat in the Ayurvedic community that was hosted by Ananta, via THE WELL in New York City.

Yoga and Ayurveda have opened my life to the operator's manual to my soul's journey and can do so for anyone that seaks a deeper awareness of self care and self fulfillment.


Time contemplation

Time for deliberation

Time to see what my soul is subjected to

Through self-purification

Time to open up and learn

Time to learn to listen

Time to be able to understand myself

Time to be different

It's self-fulfilling prophecies

Does that mean what I thought…

Is supposed to be?

I'm talking about speaking into existence your own destiny

I'm talking about self-realization through internal creation

We are our own divine being casting out our existence into the star field energy fire

Moving like lightning waves across a live wire

Circulation of this mind contemplation

The spiritual destination

All souls are to be joined together as one

Or so it's told

Into one giant energy field

So how do you yield?

Do you swim forward with the waves and flow towards the current?

Do you sail backwards swirling in the cracks and crevices of your own mind, with no deterrent?

Destination rewind paralyzing,

The mind dies only crystallized through past existence

A soul's resistance towards understanding right now

Can I channel ancestors from lives past?

Can I learn lessons that this incarnation is trying to unravel?

Throughout time fields can I travel?

What is this higher information?

It's a slipstream energy field, Ananda, bliss of beingness

The truth of existence

The unmovable understanding of what is true

How the sky is blue

How the water flows

How the ancient words are told

How sound just happens into form

How sound waves travel

This is the norm

So how does your energy ricochet through this wild world and echo out into divineness to what

Is heard?

This form of audible communication

Our social grooming

Our oral medication

Longing for a space in the sky to be a star shining

On this spiritual food, I am dining.



NATHAN MEDLOCK is a certified Embodyoga teacher who graduated from the 200 hour training program via Yoga Center Amherst. He is also an Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador student via The Ancient Way. You can follow his journey via Instagram, where he is @mountaintreeyoga.

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