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So many people believe that you can simply meditate your way to the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment. ⁠

They say how much relief they got from meditation, only to then get frustrated with it later, not be able to sustain the practice and eventually give it up altogether. ⁠

This is extremely normal. ⁠

The ancient wisdom of "The Bhagavad Gita" explains WHY it happens, and what you should actually focus upon instead to find greater, more lasting peace of mind from your spiritual quest. ⁠

Meditation is ultimately the highest spiritual practice. ⁠

BUT there is a whole path of preparation leading you up to the point where the practice of meditation naturally flowers in your everyday life, without struggle, stress or strain.⁠

Learn what this path is, and how you can embark upon it by a tried and tested process of internal questioning that will lead you to your true Self. ⁠


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