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Pravin Shah

Pravin Shah is a graduate of The Ancient Way’s Wellness Ambassador Program, and now serves as an Assistant Teacher for the Circle of Life Community Program. He came to the USA in 1975 to get his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State Uni. He worked for Owens Illinois glass company for 35 years as an Engineer, before retiring in 2007. He is married to his loving and beautiful wife of 42 years. He has two wonderful grown-up children and two adorable grandchildren. His Gurus and Role Models growing up, who profoundly influenced his life, are his own Dad, who practiced simplicity and non-attachment, Mahatma Gandhi, Eckhart Tolle, Sister Shivani and Wayne Dyer. He believes that Ayurveda and all the teachings of The Ancient Way are essential tools and ways of holistic living for ultimate liberation. He feels feel blessed to have joined the loving and caring Circle of Life Family, and feels determined and inspired to assist Ananta in spreading the life-changing knowledge and practices of her ancient lineage traditions.

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