Sarah Hale

Sarah Hale is currently a student at UCF, majoring in Interdisciplinary studies with focuses in health sciences and psychology. As an ambitious and passionate student, she is seeking to gain experience and familiarity with holistic health and a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between nutrition and mental health. Sarah has current knowledge of herbal apothecary, yoga, nutrition, and writing. She is hoping to bring Ayurveda to college campuses and make whole body wellness something implemented by young adults before they enter the workforce. 


Sarah found her dedication to wellness, through yoga, her own individual spirituality, and Judaic studies, as well as nutrition to be the cornerstones to healthier living both physically and mentally. Although her personal passion for wellness began prior, her experience and studies at UCF  have emboldened her desire to both continue to learn and grow in these areas, and share her practices in order to help others learn to deal with anxiety and mental health via natural paths.

As an alumnus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Sarah watched many of her friends, and even herself, battle with the heartbreak of living through school shootings. Since the 2018 Parkland tragedy, Sarah is dedicated to helping others find an inner-peace.