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Shweta Bhatt

Shweta Bhatt is a personal transitions coach helping others navigate significant life changes. After 6 years of working in finance with Fortune 100 executives and billion dollar budgets, Shweta realized her true calling was in helping people find more compassion, connection, and resilience within themselves as they navigate significant life changes. She uses her innate magic of storytelling alongside the personality science of human design and Vedic counseling to help others find clarity within chaos. Having gone to Brown University, she graduated with a degree in Economics, and also took on South Asian Studies, a multidisciplinary study of the South Asian subcontinent, allowing her to explore the realms of religious studies, anthropology, political science, languages, and sociology.


The more Shweta learned about the culture, the more she was able to bring the color of knowledge and awareness to the practices of her childhood with her family. When met with her own health journey in college, she looked to find a path to healing outside of medications and testing and found Ayurveda. It was through an authentic belief that the deep wisdom in the scriptures held resonance in her body, both physiologically and ancestrally, she began to understand that her body had been writing its story the whole time. 


After graduating from college, Shweta worked in Financial consulting at EY for 5 years, combining her love for numbers and patterns with her fascination for how culture provides the intricacies of our daily experience. Through working with a range of individuals from executives of large organizations to interns and new college graduates, she was able to understand how they wanted to be heard. Yet, once again she was invited to hear herself as well, as her health invited her to turn inward once again and understand how she needed to be nourished. As Shweta was learning how to nourish herself in the cycles of her own life, she began her own holistic bakery and personal chef service, while deepening her self-study of Ayurveda and how the energy of food and the power of digestion can transform how we experience our lives.


Since leaving EY, she now serves as an insights guide, working with high-school students to craft their own practice of self-study and self-compassion as they embark on their journey to higher education.


Wellness and spirituality, for Shweta, represent an invitation to her humility, to the humility of her human existence every day. They reword the questions of “why me”, “why this”, “why now”, to “you are human, and thus how precious is it to be able to live out the human experience”, “who are you not to experience the blessings, the potential, and the challenges of humanity”. It is through this transformation of thought that she has learned the gems of compassion embedded in the practice of spirituality and in the practice of wellness. Shweta believes that each encounter she makes serves her as an opportunity to be inspired, to be in awe of the power of this world, serving as the bridge between grounding and awakening. 

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