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Tanvi Jain

Tanvi Jain Patyal is serves as an Assistant Teacher for the Circle of Life program.  In the past, Tanvi has worked at Points of Light (non-profit) as part of the HBS Leadership Fellows program as their Director of Business Innovation, at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation improving maternal and child health, at the Boston Consulting Group serving corporates in FMCG and Banking, and at Goldman Sachs in their Real Estate strategy team.  Tanvi has also been passionate about social impact since she was a young girl; during college, she co-founded a non-profit called Parivartan, impacting the lives of 120,000 people in southern India through community development.  She completed her B.A Economics (Hons) from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University in 2009 and graduated from Harvard Business School in 2019.

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