Traditionally, a seasonal diet following the rhythms of Mother Nature in Ayurveda, the ancient science of life (and sister science of Yoga) is honored by a sacred 9-night goddess festival that empowers you to ceremoniously transition from the wellness needs of one season to those of the next.


Garbha dancing (a traditional form of folk dancing from India) is performed by a group of people, male and female, in a circle around the bright flame of a lamp in the center. The flame is symbolic of the sacred womb of creation, from which we all emerge and can enter anytime we wish to transform ourselves to live in greater alignment with the light of spiritual wisdom, so we may ultimately realize our divine potential. 

Circle of Life Community

Heal Your Body
Soothe Your Emotions
Realize Your Divine Self

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Join a community wellness movement and be part of a sacred, endless circular dance of life.

Membership in our Community Circle of Life Program includes:

  • application-oriented ancient spiritual teachings

  • intergenerational power of practice circles

  • embodiment classes (yoga, tai chi, dance, etc.)

  • seasonal cooking classes and recipes

  • healing sessions (crystal therapy, reflexology, etc.) 

  • holistic lifestyle product reviews and discounts 

  • 1-1 co-mentoring program for personal support

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Ancient Spiritual Wisdom

  • Monthly wisdom teachings with reflection and application-oriented self-inquiry

  • Learn the universal spiritual philosophy of Vedanta 

  • Monthly explorations of 9 chakras of the Yoga system

  • These teachings will awaken you to the powers of:

    • Stability, Creativity, Transformation

    • Love, Voice, Intuition

    • Transcendence, Rejuvenation, Intention 

Membership in The Circle of Life community is ideal for the self-aware soul seeking:

* A safe space to feel celebrated for your unique gifts
* A family-like community of all ages, races and walks of life 
* Sacred wisdom and support that will empower you to navigate all aspects of your life in a 
soulful way
* Movement classes that to embody ancient wisdom, step-by-step

* Soul-to-soul dialogues on the deepest meaning and purpose of life

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Power of Practice Circles

  • After we receive spiritual teachings, we have to practice them, to transform knowledge into our own living wisdom 

  • Each month, we will offer a community circle around the power of putting spiritual wellness practices into practice

  • Experience the support of a loving community spanning all ages, races, genders  

  • Feel less alone in making sustainable wellness changes 

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Embodiment Classes

Embody the healing power of ancient wisdom through diverse ancient movement modalities: 

  • Ayurvedic Yoga classes

  • Tai Chi

  • QiGong

  • Martial Arts

  • Dance (including the Garbha dance!)

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Seasonal Cooking Classes

  • Receive seasonal food guidance from Ayurveda

  • Learn the benefits of food as medicine

  • Easy-to-follow seasonal recipes that give you healthier versions of your favorite foods

  • Easy-to-follow video cooking tutorials to support even the novice to the kitchen to start cooking

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Healing Sessions

Learn from a garden variety of ancient modalities:

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Vedic Astrology

  • All-Natural Ayurveda Beauty

  • Reflexology

  • Shamanism

  • And much more!

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Conscious Business Development

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials on starting a website, Instagram account, creating a brand identity

  • Opportunity to connect with, learn from and support others with aligned projects and passions

  • Discounts for startup support services, such as conscious marketing and more



The Circle of Life Program is led by the Ancient Way co-founder & CEO Ananta Ripa Ajmera, with support from her team of Wellness Ambassadors and network of leading spiritual and holistic wellness teachers worldwide.


Membership in The Circle of Life community:

* $39/month membership fee ($19 for students and seniors 65+)
* All content offered in the program (except live Power of Practice Circles) is recorded and accessible in the membership library, where you have access to it for as long as you are in the program
* You can download recipes, tutorials and journal prompts as PDFs
* There is a membership forum where you can post questions and share about yourself, get to know others and exchange support and inspiration
* This program provides additional complementary support to students enrolled in longer educational immersions via The Ancient Way

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